How can I start using the GCSS for the different PRIME products?

As a member of PRIME you have free access to the GCSS. If you are already using the GCSS for other products such as EMS and/or Parcels, then you can use the same call centre for enquiries about PRIME products. Should you have a different call centre to deal with PRIME, then the GCSS system can be set up as such. If you are a new user of the GCSS then we can set-up a trial account to test the system first, ahead of setting up your new account.
To get started please contact

What is IMRS and what do I need to do to start offering the product?

PRIME’s International Merchandise Return Service (IMRS) is the international product exchanged among PRIME Members to return items free of charge from an e-Buyer to e-Seller. Users will mainly be retail customers who buy via internet and need to return goods that are not suitable. Items may be returned free of charge to the person returning the item, irrespective of how they received the item, provided their e-Seller gives them the necessary information and go ahead. In order to start with the country setup on the CRP platform from IPC, there is some information that needs to be provided in advance, in order to configure the systems and the specific requirements for each Post. The setup requirements are essential to develop the label and start the return process. The PRIME return label is standard, but there is some room for the Posts to decide whether they will need a customer’s receipt, customer reference number, etc. More information at