Our range of Tracked, Registered and Returns services and agreements are designed to allow your post to expand your export product portfolio and increase your import revenue by delivering e-commerce solutions worldwide. Our PRIME Membership is made up of circa 160 postal operators. They are part of a network that is responsive and ready to meet the needs of the postal sector, with delivery confirmation and a Global Customer Service System that will allow you to immediately react to any customer issues.

Member benefits 

Once Posts access the PRIME network and become PRIME members, a full set of services become available, including immediate access to MyPRIME on the website. 

This is a section only available to members as it contains all agreements and services as well as guides, forms and information about other posts. The access is per person and the approval of the General Assembly representative is needed to grant access to other persons of the post. 

Another important part is the assistance provided by the PRIME Team to posts in order to support them improving their quality. Reports are available to show where the gaps are and measures for improvements are suggested.

In PRIME, multilateral agreements are the core business, but bilateral agreements are also possible provided the members are at least part of one of the multilateral solutions. The Head of PRIME facilitates the relations between and among members to keep the agreements aligned with the market needs.

The PRIME lawyer is available to support the legal side of the agreements and to provide legal opinions if required by members. 

The access to the Global Customer Service System for the electronic management of the inquiries is included in the PRIME membership. The service is available for all letter mail tracked products Registered, Tracked, Exprès and Insured.