The PRIME Board was created following a strategic review undertaken in 2015 by Hensey Consulting to meet growing international demand and bring a range of expertise to our services. 

The Board acts as the executive branch of the General Assembly to improve and fulfil PRIME policies and services and acts as advisor to the GA presenting proposals for approval on governance matters. 

The General Assembly elects seven PRIME Board representatives, all of whom are full members (members paying the yearly contribution fee) who serve for a maximum of 2 years (one year for both the Chair and Vice Chairs) and can be reelected for an additional mandate. In addition to the Board, 4 Committees have been created and there is a direct link from the Board to the different PRIME Committees.

WANG Dong (Justin) (CN)

China Post Group

WANG Dong, Deputy Director of International Business Division, has more than 15 years experience with China Post Group. He is primarily responsible for multilateral and bilateral cooperation with other posts and international postal businesses, developing commercial opportunities and building a stable international transportation network for all postal products. He has enjoyed contributing his experience to Product Development, Marketing, Operation, IT, Quality Control and International Cooperation. He holds a Bachelor degree in Electronic Information Science and Technology and earned his Masters in Engineering, Computer Science and Technology from the Ocean University of China.

Jorge Gutierrez (CA)

Canada Post Corporation
Vice Chair

Jorge Gutierrez is the Director of International Relations at Canada Post Corporation. He graduated from the Sprott School of Business at Carleton University with high honors in Commerce, and also holds an Associate Degree (Suma Cum Laude) in Banking and Finance from Northwood University. Jorge has also completed advanced graduate studies from the Supply Chain Management Association of Canada. Jorge has also co-chaired the PUASP Finance Group for the past six years and currently serves as the Vice Chair of PRIME.

Morten Rosengreen (DK)

PostNord Group
Vice Chair

Morten Rosengreen is a Manager of International Agreements and Products at PostNord. Morten has more than 20 years of experience in the Post and is among other things responsible for e.g. PostNord DK’s international letter post agreements, PostNord DK and SE’s parcels post agreements and all postal letter export products in DK and SE. He has extensive experience with the international postal business, and has during the past many years primarily worked with the development of the e-commerce business. Morten has extensive experience multilaterally being involved in international product development and remuneration negotiations during the past 15 years both in the European multilateral environment and the UPU. Morten currently serves as chair of the PRIME Merchandise Return Group and as Vice Chair of the PRIME Board.

Perly Sher (IL)

Israel Postal Company
Board Member

Perly Sher has been working as a legal counsel for a significant period (over 30 years) in Israel Postal Company, specializing in the unique domain of postal services.

She is an expert in legislative and regulatory domains with the particular specialization of postal field, has experience in regulatory structural changes including the latest reform in Israel postal sector (to a governmental company and preparation of the corporate documentation).

Perly Sher represented Israel Postal Company in various regulatory and government authorities as well as international organizations including the UPU.

As part of the extensive developments in cross-border e-commerce Perly Sher is responsible for the international legal aspects including bilateral and multilateral agreements and other international legal aspects as privacy, intellectual property and customers issues (as inquiries and liability).

Perly Sher is participating and representing regularly Israel Post Company in the UPU and in PRIME activities in all issues including legal operational and fiscal.

She has been elected for PRIME Board and is a Board Member from November 2020.

LEE Hon Chew (SG)

Singapore Post
Board Member

Lee Hon Chew is the Director of International Affairs in Singapore Post for more than 15 years with the responsibility for multilateral and bilateral cooperation with other posts. He constantly looks for both postal and commercial opportunities for postal operators and strongly believes in the need for collaboration and cooperation. He is well known in UPU, chairing various Working Groups in the Postal Operations Council (POC) such as the Remuneration Integration Group, Quality Improvement Group and also the Digital Transformation and Innovation Group.

Before working on international postal matters, Hon Chew was also instrumental in many transformative projects in SingPost, working on retail automation, postal kiosks and parcel lockers, mail processing automation and letter sequencing. This past experience has given him a well rounded understanding of both domestic and international postal issues.

Richard K. Brown (US)

United States Postal Service
Board Member

Rick Brown is the Manager Regional Business Development & International Operations at the United States Postal Service. He graduated from Campbell University focusing on Business Administration and Economics. He has more than 30 years of experience within the Postal Industry with the last 8 years focused on International Operations and Global Business. He has provided support to the 5 Offices of Exchange in the US, assisting with operational efficiencies and ensuring compliance with UPU, IPC, and PRIME standards.

In his current role he is responsible for multilaterals, specifically developing business strategies to grow e-Commerce within the international community. Currently he is chairing the Registered Task Force and was recently elected to the PRIME Board in February 2022.

Sayyid Nasr Al Busaidy

Oman Post
Board Member

Sayyid Nasr Albusaidi, the Chief Postmaster General of Oman Post, has played a pivotal role in transforming Oman Post into a global leader in postal services. Holding degrees in marketing, public relations, and business administration, he possesses a wealth of experience in the postal and logistics industry, with a focus on innovative strategies and customer-centric approaches. Throughout his career, Sayyid Nasr has led high-performing teams and cultivated a culture of customer satisfaction and operational excellence, contributing to Oman Post's receipt of the Golden Award by the Universal Postal Union for Express Mail Services (EMS) which achieved the first-place global ranking in EMS performance during 2022.

Elected as a PRIME board member in May 2023, Sayyid Nasr looks forward to actively contributing towards enhancing the PRIME product to benefit all member organizations, leveraging his forward-thinking approach and collaborative mindset to drive further success and innovation within the postal industry.