Our circa 160 UPU Designated Operators are united in a goal to collaborate and deliver cross-border solutions for the e-commerce market. PRIME is a business focused Network, with no political agenda. It is governed by our members who take pride in building long-lasting relationships with our postal community.

Our History

United to overcome cross-border barriers, where it all began

Our Members

Circa 160 postal operators delivering e-commerce solutions worldwide

Our Team

Ready to help our members respond to the changing e-commerce market

Chair & Board Members

The main governing body of PRIME is overseen and elected by our General Assembly members

Committees & Task Forces

How our structure works in practice

Welcome to PRIME

New joiners will be greeted with a professional, friendly welcome and fully supportive atmosphere to ensure they get the most out of their PRIME membership. Our team aims to give personal attention to our members’ needs and support Posts to meet their customer expectations.

Experienced team

We have proven ourselves with 25 years experience in worldwide postal collaboration. We will continue to be an innovative leader in global postal solutions in response to our members needs. Our members’ decision process is simple and efficient, and requests from Posts are handled in the shortest possible time and with the highest care.

Our vision

To be at the forefront of emerging e-commerce innovation and the leading global enabler of cost-effective, quality, tracking and delivery services in the cross-border packets market. In order to achieve this PRIME facilitates greater collaboration with other Postal organisations to work towards a single set of tiered global e-commerce solutions.

Our objectives are:

To improve tracked packet deliveries and electronic notifications and adapt products in response to customer expectations.

To boost the postal services’ competitiveness in the e-commerce marketplace.

To improve the quality of tracked packets, particularly in relation to delivery times and the timely return of delivery information in electronic format.

To maximize the number of Public Postal Operators that exchange delivery information electronically in order to handle customer enquiries more efficiently through the use of the Global Customer Service System.