PRIME Registered offers security, convenience and value for money. PRIME Registered receives priority handling and compensation is usually limited to 30 SDR per item, although some Posts may offer extra insurance cover.

By insuring it for a declared value, even more precious items can be mailed, as the indemnity in case of loss or damage can represent a selling point. 

When valuable items are sent through the post, insurance coverage can provide some peace of mind with full reimbursement in the event of loss, theft or damage. The maximum amount for which the item may be insured varies from country to country, but compensation is payable up to the amount indicated on the customer's receipt.

The advantages of PRIME Registered include:

  • Signature on delivery from the recipient
  • Sender receives a receipt on posting and electronic delivery confirmation
  • E2E measurement for quality strategy improvement
  • Mandatory use of GCSS for the signatories of the agreements

Thanks to its reliability, PRIME Registered is a UPU mandatory service available to all destinations worldwide.

The items are labelled for easier recognition both as Registered or as Insured. 

Example label

PRIME Insured

Example label