The PRIME International Merchandise Return Service (PRIME IMRS) is a tracked postage-paid international returns service designed for e‑sellers to be better placed to compete in the e-commerce market, where free returns can drive customer loyalty and increased sales.

The advantages of the PRIME IMRS service include:

  • A low-cost reliable service
  • Easily printable label
  • Easy operational solutions
  • The returned items are tracked upon delivery
  • Optional use of GCSS

PRIME IMRS is a stand alone service not linked to the product or service used to mail the items in the first place. The e-Retailer can mail the original goods using any method (tracked, not tracked, any speed), with the PRIME IMRS returns service separately offering a tracked pre-paid delivery for the customer’s returned goods.

PRIME IMRS is ideally suited as a reverse service for goods with low commercial value. For PRIME IMRS, no compensation is foreseen among Posts in case of loss or damage. Posts are, however, free to compensate their customers if they so decide.