Founder of PRIME, Mrs Kathleen Treanor, helped membership grow to 132 members by the end of 2015. The Exprès and Registered agreements were created to support faster, seamless cross-border deliveries worldwide.

Exprѐs was identified as important for the development of the Posts (without a signature) at a meeting of the subcommittee of Post Europ's letter strategy Committee, in the Netherlands December 1996. The Letter's strategy committee had been agreed in Vilamoura, Spain. It was decided at the meeting in the Netherlands that the development of Exprѐs needed a full time Manager who would promote the development of Exprѐs worldwide. Prime, therefore was started in the Spring of 1997 and Kathleen Treanor, from Ireland, was appointed as PRIME Project Manager. There were four National Post Operators involved since day one, namely, Sweden, (First chair), Portugal, Ireland and the United Kingdom. Slovakia joined quite quickly as did a number of other European countries. Eventually it was decided that PRIME was no longer a project and Kathleen was promoted to Head of PRIME.
I was succeeded by Ms. Cinzia Neri, following a very competitive selection system. When Kathleen retired, every Continent in the World, had several PRIME Members.

Kathleen Treanor, Founder of PRIME

Cinzia Neri, with over 30 years of experience in the postal sector, took over the responsibility of PRIME in the first quarter of 2016. Since then, 27 new members joined the PRIME network, a new Tracked Agreement was created in 2017 which was signed by 30 members, a further 22 joined the Registered agreement and 13 more signed the Exprès agreement.

We have experienced a robust postal growth thanks to e-commerce.

In the last few years, due to the enormous growth of e-commerce, the volumes of PRIME have increased significantly and so did the Pay for Performance.

After the UPU, PRIME has the largest membership of global posts. Each member plays a major role in supporting the very latest e-commerce focused Tracked Packet Services.

Cinzia Neri, Head of PRIME