PRIME recognises that the significant growth in global e-commerce presents many opportunities for Posts. Our comprehensive suite of products and services focuses on solutions that allow members to compete with other carriers in this growing market. Services vary from the cheapest, to value added services, such as speed, signature and liability.

PRIME Tracked

For e-commerce requiring low cost over speed, providing the reassurance of an electronic confirmation on arrival, with no signature.

PRIME Exprès

A premium option for e-commerce items that require fast delivery and electronic confirmation of delivery without a signature.

PRIME Registered

For official documents and valuable e-commerce items that require tracking and signature as proof of delivery in case of loss or damage. Content can be insured to secure higher reimbursement than registered mail, it’s ideal for higher value items.

PRIME International Merchandise Return Service

A low cost, tracked, postage-paid return service to meet the demands of e-commerce. Designed for e-sellers to be better placed to compete in the e-commerce market, where free returns can drive customer loyalty and increased sales.

Global Customer Service System

Global Customer Service System gives a track & trace view of delivery and returns, so queries can be handled and resolved directly. It allows Posts to follow up issues and resolve claims for Tracked, Exprès, Registered and Insured services.

Tracked services designed to meet e-commerce demand

Our products are designed and developed by members for members with the support of the PRIME Team. 

We create products and services to meet the needs of the market now and into the future.

All products offer track and trace for the delivery of cross-border packets

The level of electronic delivery confirmation ranges from scanning to signature for proof of delivery

Products are supported by the PRIME agreements.