International e-commerce has experienced rapid growth in recent years. Posts play an integral role in the customer experience on behalf of the e-seller. Track and trace queries are a moment of truth in the e-commerce experience and can affect the likelihood of repeat purchase for e-sellers.

When Posts do this well, they satisfy customers and resolve the majority of customer service enquiries speedily and at low-cost. GCSS allows customer service teams to interact quickly and smoothly and offers a very powerful track and trace system, giving customer service agents all the tools they need to resolve issues fast.

GCSS covers inquiries for cross-border tracked packets (Registered, Tracked, Exprès, Insured and IMRS).

It is a streamlined channel of communication between PRIME Members’ customer service centres to ensure a fast response to the status of international tracked packets.

Tracking data is captured at dispatch/consignment level and all PRIME members share the same quality standards and targets.

GCSS is readily available online to all PRIME members. Currently, there are circa 160 approved PRIME members, of which 150+ are actively using GCSS for exchanging tracked packets inquiries.