Performance reports

There are two different kinds of performance reports:

  • Performance_XX_XX350_D / O: These are the main performance reports, produced for each Post showing the performance on a link by link basis, including the volumes. This file is the source for the payment reckoners. The D at the end refers to the destination perspective (inbound traffic) and the O is the origin perspective (outbound traffic). This file shows the quality compliance with the agreement rules, the number of items missing delivery information and items considered as non-standard or out of sequence.
  • Performance All: This file contains the delivery performance for the inbound traffic of all agreement signatories. The green and red dots show whether the quality threshold for payment was reached considering the overall traffic or not. This report also shows the % of items that were delivered on-time, or late by 1, 2 or more days. It shows the performance for both on-time info return and on-time delivery, being calculated against the delivery standards provided by each Post.

Like Flat Files, Performance reports are created only for PRIME agreements’ signatories. Performance reports exist for Registered, Exprès, Tracked, USPS Tracked but not for Insured.

Example performance report (Tracked)

Reckoner reports

The reckoners contain the quality information from the performance reports but in a simpler layout, as well as the rates and the amounts linked to that quality in accordance with the agreement’s rules. Quality thresholds for payment are calculated link by link, not considering the overall quality.

Like Flat Files and Performance reports, Reckoners are created only for PRIME agreements’ signatories. Reckoner reports exist for Registered, Exprès, Tracked, but not for Insured.

Payment reckoners show both the inbound and outbound perspective in a unique monthly file. The file aggregates each month’s information to the previous months’ file by adding a new tab. Therefore, they allow to have an overview of the full year. Payment reckoners are also produced quarterly and aggregated to the same file. The quarterly tabs show the payment information for each of the months of the quarter and the sum of the amounts.

The reckoner reports only contain links that have volume for the reported country.

Example reckoner report (Exprès)