There are 3 generic reports:

  • Leg 3 breakdown (also called the ‘OE report’)
  • Valid Action Reason Code
  • Scanning Trend performance

The generic reports are created for all PRIME members.

The Leg 3 breakdown (‘OE report’) focuses on inbound performance measurement. The inbound journey is divided into three segments: Inward OE, Customs, Delivery network. Per inward OE, the time that items spend at each of these three segments is measured. This makes it possible to spot whether Leg 3 performance issues arise from delays within the OE itself, in customs, or in the delivery network.

The Valid Action Reason Code Report was created to check the amount of EDX, EME and EMH scans and the validity of the action and reason codes. The data is separated by origin country for each destination. The scope of the report is items having EMD event.

The Scanning Trend Performance Report provides a general overview on the performance of scanning, also including, for example, PREDES events. The first tab of the report provides a detailed explanation of what exactly can be found in the report.