Online shopping is booming, and delivery is becoming more competitive than ever. PRIME gives you the edge, with access to a cross border network and unrivalled collection of the largest names in postal delivery across the globe. Revolutionise your core postal service with the power to send packets and provide an electronic delivery confirmation to customers worldwide.

Our products are designed and developed by members for members with the support of the PRIME Team. We create products and services to meet the needs of the market now and into the future.

  • All products offer track and trace for the delivery of across borders packets
  • The level of electronic delivery confirmation ranges from scanning to signature for proof of delivery

Products are supported by the PRIME Agreements

The remuneration for each agreement is based on Pay for Performance (PfP) to be added to the base remuneration, be it UPU Terminal Dues or any other, agreed bilaterally or multilaterally by the members.

The PfP is a bonus that Posts receive when good quality is provided for on time info return and/or for on time delivery when they are met against the standards foreseen by each agreement. The on time delivery is measured on the standards that each Operator provides to PRIME.

Below is a table highlighting the main characteristics of each agreement: