Explanation & reasons to join

PRIME Exprѐs meets the needs of customers who want a fast and reliable, tracked international service (scanned on delivery) - without having to pay courier-type costs. A premium option for e-commerce items that require fast delivery, with an electronic confirmation of arrival and no signature. This product is delivered in the fastest priority network.

Advantages of PRIME Exprѐs include:

  • Dedicated logo
  • Electronic delivery confirmation
  • Delivery in the fastest priority letter network
  • Measured against 100% delivery target
  • E2E Measurement for quality strategy improvement
  • Optional use of GCSS

Due to its low-cost (compared to carriers) and electronic tracking capabilities, PRIME Exprès is ideally placed to meet the substantial growth forecast for the cross-border e-commerce market, creating good revenues for national postal operators.

PRIME Exprès is marketed under different names in each country, owing to language, however the logo is always the same to facilitate the identification of the items.

Example label

Pay for Performance Calculator for Exprѐs (Max Payment 1.3 SDR)


Pay for Performance Calculator for Exprѐs (Max Payment 1.1 SDR)