What scans are required with PRIME products?

The Sending post shall scan outgoing items as they leave their outbound office of exchange by providing an EMC event or a PREDES message. The Receiving post shall scan incoming items as they arrive at their inbound office of exchange and transmit an EMD Event. The items should be scanned on final delivery to the addressee and an EMI event sent, or, if unable to perform delivery for any reason, to the address indicated on the address label, the item should be scanned and an EMH event sent, including the reason code for the non-delivery and the action taken. Example – Reason - item would not fit in box and the action taken – a docket was left to advise the addressee to collect the item, within a time frame and a specific location. Delivery information shall be available for the Sending post’s customer services.

What happens if the items are retained in customs?

Items should be examined to see if they are likely to attract duty or contain prohibited items.
Should you need to send some items to customs, please send (EMSEVT V3) EME event or an EDB event. The EME event should have a valid retention code. When the item comes out of customs send an EMF event or EDC then proceed to delivery. Note: if a reason code is not sent with the EME event, the clock does not stop and it will be ineffective.
An EME event must have a retention code for the time in customs to be taken into account for calculating performance. Also, an EMF and EDC event must be sent when the item exits customs otherwise the time in customs will not be deducted for performance purposes.

Where do I get information about items sent?

Please access STORM and if you do not have access to contact prime@prime-posts.com

How must mis-routed/missent items be treated?

Mis-routed/missent items should be treated as Priority mail missorted, applying transit charges as per UPU rules. In addition, to have these items excluded from the PRIME reports, the Post that receives the items by mistake should send an EMC or EMK to the Sending post and the destination Post. Without the correct application of the rule above, the item will be shown as having missing delivery information and this will affect the overall performance for that link, as items will be shown as missing delivery information.

How to treat undelivered Exprès items?

Undelivered Exprès items are returned according to the UPU regulation.

Are there Force Majeure rules that can be applied to PRIME and if so where do I find the specific details on these?

Yes, the PRIME General Assembly approved the Force Majeure conditions and application form. Force Majeure is the term used to describe an unexpected and disruptive event which has caused a PRIME operator to fail to perform its obligations owing to an impediment beyond its reasonable control e.g. third party reasons – not a strike by one’s own staff.
You can find the Force Majeure rules here.