Operator Details

Operator Name


ISO Code


PRIME services used


Inbound: Yes

Outbound: Yes

Prefix: L*


Scanning Event Version



Exprès: Yes

Collect from a Post Office

Exprès: Yes

Comments: Just in case the item doesn't fit into the mailbox a notice of advice is left at the mailbox for collection at the post office

Secure Locker Box

Exprès: Yes

PO Box

Exprès: Yes

Official Delivery Days

Exprès: Monday to Friday

Dutiable Items Accepted

Exprès: Yes

Delivered to named addressee only

Exprès: Yes

Provide EMI for final delivery after an EMH

Exprès: Yes

In what format are delivery advices provided

Exprès: physical

Do you have any specific requirements for delivery (e.g. recipient phone number, email address, tax id number etc.)?

e-mail address and mobile telephone number is recommended

Recipient Delivery Confirmation

Physical Delivery Confirmation


Undeliverable Items

How many delivery attempts are made?


Is an advice of delivery left for undeliverable items?

a notice of advice is left at the mailbox for collection at the post office

How long are undelivered items held for?

15 days


What is your customs threshold in local currency or SDR for:

Documents currency: EUR

Samples: 22

Samples currency: EUR

Gifts: 22

Gifts currency: EUR

Merchandise: 22

Merchandise currency: EUR

Do you charge for presentation to customs?


If yes, how much is this charge?

5.34 € VAT included

Maximum customs retention time

SAD processing 23.22€ VAT included


Post provides ITMATT data on

Insured: Yes

Post requests ITMATT data on

Insured: Yes

What percentage of ITMATT does your Post currently collect from your commercial mailers?


What percentage of ITMATT does your post currently collect from your retail mailers?


Is your post currently sending Electronic Advance Data (ITMATT and PREDES) to at least 1 country?


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