Pseudonymised IPA pseudonymised IP address is an IP address which cannot be connected to an individual or user. It is generated by deleting part of the data in the original IP address. This address can be geo-localised to a metropolitan area.
Pseudonymised user identifiersPseudonymised user identifiers are number-letter combinations that are used to recognise the same browser/device combination when a website is visited more than once.
Device fingerprintA device fingerprint is a type of user identifier generated by a combination of details about the hardware and software used by a customer.
Encrypted user identifiersEncrypted user identifiers are identifiers that could be linked to a specific user profile. They are encrypted so that they are not recognizable and are not intended to be linked back to an individual customer.
IP addressAn IP address is a unique address that identifies a customer's device on the Internet. IP addresses are important for security and fraud prevention.
Session identifiersSession identifiers are number-letter combinations that are used to identify a single visit (session) on a platform. This allows you to do things like go back and forth through the booking process without having to start a new search.
User behaviourUser behaviour is data generated when a customer interacts with our platforms, including the specific series of screens visited, buttons or elements clicked, scrolling behaviours or mouse movements.