If I am part of the Agreements is it mandatory to provide an outbound and inbound service?

It depends on the Agreement. In the Registered Agreement, it is mandatory to provide both outbound and inbound. The agreement is reciprocal. If you are part of the Exprès Agreement or Tracked Agreement it is only mandatory to provide the inbound service. The countries in the agreement, which offer an outbound Exprès Service or outbound Tracked Service should inform the Head of PRIME so to informed the members of the agreements, Export Posts  are listed in the Matrix as the inform PRIME that they have started an outbound service. The majority send to selected Posts, based on those Posts’ quality.

I want to provide an outbound Exprès or Tracked service to my customers, what do I need to do?

First of all you need to be a member of the Exprès or Tracked Agreement, signing the Annex of the Deed of Accession. Members of the Exprès or Tracked Agreement can send outbound packets. A special label and requirements are mandatory to provide the service. You can find more information in the Exprès section or in the Tracked section.

Are there Accounting Guides for remuneration in the Agreements?

In all PRIME Agreements, the Participating Posts that are Designated Operators agree to pay each other an enhanced payment in addition to appropriate terminal dues. The enhanced payment is subject to the participating Post achieving the relevant performance standards and conditions as per the current Exprès, Tracked or Registered agreement. Please refer to the agreements in the Products & Services section for the Accounting and Operational guides.

Is the PRIME Exprès logo mandatory?

The Exprès service offers customers an expedited priority letter/packet service positioned between the EMS/courier service and the airmail letter service. Countries use the same logo, but usually different names. Each item must carry a similar Exprès logo as our Exprès service. There is a Trademark Cooperation and assignment Agreement that is part of the Exprès Agreement, you can check this here Expres_agreement_Annex_4b_Trademark-Cooperation-agreement.pdf